Ron Howland
Equine Sports Massage  & Craniosacral Therapy

Ron Howland

Ron Howland

I am based in Gatton, South East Queensland.  I have been involved with horses for more than 50 years.  Spending the majority of my life in outback Queensland breeding my own very successful stock horse breed and breaking in young horses to work with cattle.  Still in this time I had an aptitude to train horses in a classical dressage manner.  Reading books and experimenting with training techniques, always looking to achieve more from my horses, making them lighter, more responsive and easier to ride.


 I also had the opportunity, as a youngster starting out, to work with Dodger Sleeman, a man very well respected for breaking and training in a calm, easy, systematical way, to which horses (and dogs) responded to very well.  He was so in tuned with his animals that he would ultimately prefer their company to anyone else.  


Over the years I have competed very successfully in may forms of competition from campdrafting to show ring classes to barrel racing to dressage.  Winning many major accolades on my way.


But my bread and butter has been breaking and retraining horses and I have handled thousands of them in my time.  I eventually discovered that a lot of the horses' problems were created by stiff or sore muscles.  So I developed a regime that I would "go over" each horse before I started to work with them.  I also worked as a boner in the meet works and this improved my knowledge of the mechanics of how and where muscles and bones fitted in with each other.   I have basically used massage as a form of self preservation, if you like, to help me to help the horses I had to work with.


In mid 2010 I was introduced to McLaren Photonic Light Therapy and have been using this to compliment my muscle release massaging technique with amazing results.  I now travel far and wide to treat horses through my theraputive treatments.  Treating horses for lameness, arthretic conditions, improving old injuries (including capped or dropped hips), colic, muscle spasms, general stiffness, tight and sore muscles, improving performance and well being of each and every animal.


Every day I continue my learning of  Equine Massage, always improving my techniques.   I have treated thousands of horses with a high degree of success and with this vast amount of hands on experience I have developed an instinctive feel for assessing and treating successfully each individual animal. There is so much to learn, and although I have gained so much knowledge already, it is a subject where you can never know enough.  Henceforth, my equine friends all have something to teach me so that I can continue to help them!