Ron Howland
Equine Sports Massage  & Craniosacral Therapy

Ron Howland


Quotes I met Ron through my local dressage club Lockyer Equestrian Group, where we are both members. My stallion was having a few problems with soreness in his back. I took him for a treatment with Ron and the results were obvious straight away. He was much more free in his movement and happy to work. I also sent my young filly to Ron for a few weeks of training ( she tends to be a bit "pushy") as a result she is a much easier horse to handle now. Ron not only has a "way with horses" and goes about everything in a quite and relaxed manner which puts the horses at ease, he has a wealth of knowledge not only in relation to muscle theraphy, but also old "bush remedies" for a variey of things which he is only too happy to pass on. Unlike some people who come to work on your horse, Ron will tell you if it doesn't need to be done and if it does he teaches you how to do it yourself on a daily basis to keep your horse fit and happy. I cannot recommend him enough Quotes
Leane Williams
Outrageous Performance Horses

Quotes New to the equine world I met Ron at the Heavy Horse Show in Gatton in 2010. I told him about my warmblood that was given to me, because she continuously went lame and the vet diagnose after X-Rays was that this can't be fixed. Invited to visit our property, Ron found that her back was out and that the horse was in major pain caused most likely by an injury during jumping. She was always in a bad mood and very aggressive towards anyone she didn't trust as well as her companion mares. After more than an hour treatment, we could all see the difference in the horse. She relaxed and softened. I have a changed horse, she is loving and everyone who knew her before the treatment confirms that she is a changed horse. Back into training nobody can believe that this horse was given up by previous owners. We both found a good friend and I am really grateful to have a wonderful horse without pain that loves to work with me. Thank you Ron. Quotes
Bergita Shannon
The dressage horse everyone has given up