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How Photonic Therapy Works

Photonic Therapy is an Australian concept of complementary medicine, based on research published in 1996 by Dr Brian McLaren.

Photonic Therapy is the use of light therapy instead of needles,to stimulate traditional acupuncture points in humans,horses & dogs, a complementary rather than an alternative treatment system, applied post-diagnostically. Treatment consists of applying a particular frequency of light (safe, gentle red light, not laser) to specific points,easy to use at home, without the need for specialised training.

We all have information about our environment, such as light intensity, temperature, or clothing touching the skin, flooding into the brain the whole time. The brain, has the ability to switch off and ignore these signals. It is the same with pain. If a condition goes on for more than four to six weeks, the brain learns to accept the problem.

The energy of light (photons) is transformed into electrical energy by the connective tissue under the skin. This electrical energy is transmitted to the brain by the nerves. Stimulating specific combinations of points on the skin, will cause the brain to release particular hormones and other chemicals to relieve pain, increase immune response, and promote healing.

McLaren Photonic Therapy utilizes broad band 660nm red light to provide the photons required to painlessly, and safely stimulate tissue. Visable light is a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum and ranges between 400-700nm. Wavelengths below 400nm (ultra violet) have high energy and do not penetrate deeply into tissue but can cause damage, such as melanomas. Above 700nm, in the infrared range there is less energy per photon, and longer treatment times are required.

McLaren Photonic Therapy has been successfully used to treat thousands of clinical cases in animals, painlessly, and without the risks associated with skin penetration. Also it is without the risks around the eyes, associated with the use of lasers.

Because Photonic Therapy works so well on animals, it obviously does not rely on a psychosomatic, hypnotic, or placebo effect, but is a valid therapeutic modality.


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