Ron Howland
Equine Sports Massage  & Craniosacral Therapy

Ron Howland


Equine sports massage is the therapeutic application of a variety of massage techniques. These have been long recognized to have many benefits including - increasing circulation and range of motion, relieving muscle spasm/tension, enhancing muscle tone and improving the horse's stamina and overall performance. Equine Massage can be used both for prevention (lessen injury risk caused by strain or fatigue) or rehabilitation.

The horse must be evaluated in its total being. That is, the physical and mental status of the horse, which gives it its spirit or life forces. 

Applying remedial massage techniques to horses is a fantastic alternative to conventional methods for treating injuries and stress. It?s a holistic approach to equine health care which has proven to be very effective in beating muscle injuries.

Muscle (incl. tendon and ligament) manipulations are also perfect for detecting muscular abnormalities, which in turn, cause problems with extension, flexibility and more.  

An important element of the treatment is the use of passive stretching exercises for the horse, these are usually completed once the muscles have been softened through massaging.  These stretches can also be used at the end of ridden/training exercise. Simple stretches can be incorporated into the horses daily routine - this will attain optimum results and often an individual work programme will be drawn up so that the horse can obtain maximum results. By using passive stretches your horse can improve flexibility of muscles and joints as well as improving circulation to tissues.